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Why Us?

Why us, you may ask? Woods Family Sandwiches is a top quality sandwich shop, bringing a variety of twists on everyone’s favorite Sub Sandwich. We have been serving our top quality boars head meats for our Las Vegas, and Henderson visitors for years, turning into the go-to place for anyone looking to indulge in a mouth watering sandwich. Our menu is packed with delicious options to choose from, taking a standard sandwich and turning it into a flavorful delight, that keeps our guests coming back! 

Thanks to the popularity we’ve gained over the years, our amazing service, and our fresh ingredients, we’re ready to expand!

Top Reason to Join us

a close up of a person holding a hot dog


Becoming a Woods Family Franchisee means becoming a part of the Woods Family. We are dedicated to keeping you on the right track and headed for success from startup and beyond. 

a person holding a hot dog


We believe in food that is fresh, and food that we feed our children. Quality you can taste the difference.


We believe in building a family business made of people and NOT bottom lines. We take risks and dream big. We work together, we succeed together, and we laugh together. It’s a team from top to bottom.


Stage 1
Orientation Training  

Woods Family Sandwiches has specific training requirements which are mandatory before opening a business. The orientation training is also a necessity for meeting insurance underwriting requirements and complying with Woods Family Sandwiches standards.

Stage 2

Woods Family Sandwiches Offers our franchisees an Initial Training course presented by Woods Family Sandwiches, at our facility in Henderson, Nevada. The orientation training course will focus on the successful operation of a Woods Family Sandwich franchise.  

Stage 3
Store Opening

We will guide you threw your store opening, help you and your team launch your big day.

Store Opening

If you feel necessary we will send a member of our team to your location to help you and your team launch into market. We’ll go over all topics essential to the successful operation of your store.


We will help you focus on simply running your business. You have our complete support to get customers through your doors so you can concentrate on your daily operations, spend time bonding with your team members and making valuable connections with your consumers.

Social Media Marketing

Every aspect of Woods Family is designed for today’s world, everything is picture-worthy and ready to be shared on social media, which creates an organic buzz around the brand and a strong fan base and following.

Frequently Asked Questions (faq)

What are WFS Franchise Fees? Our Initial Franchise fees are $25,000 per restaurant, are continuing royalty fee is 5.5% gross of sales.

• What is the typical size of a WFS restaurant? 800-1400 sq ft.

• What is the typical investment of a WFS restaurant? The initial investment requirement including the franchise fee, initial construction build, and opening advertising ranges from 123,800-188,500. There a number of vary factors including decor, equipment, and finishing touches. 

• Do I need to have prior restaurant experiences? No, but having it greatly helps. 

• How many employees does it take to operate a unit? 3-4, owner/operator, manager, team leader, deli clerk/cashier.

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